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Thread: how to sell swish designs

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    how to sell swish designs


    We are trying to design ecards,pages,intros using swish, but buyers insist
    on fla source files and not swi source files. Is there a
    market for swish templates, any site we can see?
    What is the way out?



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    From my point of view on the situation, fully
    designing a webpage or intro instead of
    creating templates is the best way to go.
    I usually design, create, customize, and
    update my clients' sites without showing
    them the source at any point in the
    development process.

    Of course there are template shops on
    the internet. Check out www.designsxchange.com
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    anything that won't require editing down the road you should be able to get away with it. If it looks like flash, sounds like flash and moves like flash they will think its flash. But for a full site that has constant updates, i would suggest either making it in flash or storing all content in text or xml file to be loaded in (so they dont need to open file).

    i've never used swish but even if i did i probably wouldnt run into many problems. Almost all my clients pay me a monthly fee to keep their site updated, and the ones that dont have either a custom CMS or use contribute. In any case, they don't care what file format it is. It's not like they will go out and buy and learn flash just so they can edit their site, its much more efficient to either use a CMS or have someone else do it.

    BUT, i dont sell templates, and templates usually require editing. Specify somewhere on your site that (if this is true) all the information is stored in a simple text file so any editing can be done in that. And if they need editing of the source file, you offer maintenance in the first year at a reduced price.
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