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Thread: Navigating through levels HELP!!!!

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    Navigating through levels HELP!!!!

    I've got a flash movie that loads a swf onto level 1.

    When I press a button on the loaded swf file, I want it to return to a specified frame of the host movie (level 0).

    I've used the unload movie action but that takes me to frame 1 of the host movie. How can I get round this, if for example I want to got to and stop at frame 5.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    You can target the frame number, or a frame label. Targetting frame numbers is OK, as long as you know the real number. For instance, if you have a preloader scene and it has 2 frames, then Scene 1, frame 1 is in reality, _root.frame3. so as long as you keep that in mind, frame numbers are OK. But, using a frame label is simpler and it won't change on you. If you add a frame label to frame 5 of scene 1, then add 2 more frames to the preloader scene, targetting the label will still always take you to frame 5 of scene 1. The frame target would change to _root.frame7 though and not work.

    So add a label to frame 5, name it something simple, like fr5. Then the button code:


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