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Thread: loading a MC into a seperate .swf

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    loading a MC into a seperate .swf

    I have a situation where I have a .swf with a button in it. Lets call this "movie A". When the button in "movie A" is clicked it loads another movie "movie B". I want to have a MC from "movie A" load into "movie B". I can get "movie B" to load but cant seem to get the MC to load into it. Can anyone help?
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    why is the movieclip in movie A if it is supposed to load into movie B?

    shared libraries may be your only help... hve both movies use the same library so they will both have access to ts MC

    but i suggest you jut drag the MC into the MobiveB library, place it off stage somewhere... give it the same isntance name.

    you'll have no problem calling it as long as it is i the movie to start with. which i can't see would be an issue??

    hope i'm helping a little

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