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Thread: quicktime vr in flash mx

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    quicktime vr in flash mx

    Hey video gurus!

    I need some help I just created a 3d animation and made it in to a quicktime vr file. When I import this in to flash it just plays as a regular movie. The ability to interact with the 3d object, pan, rotate etc is no longer available. Is there a way of importing a vr file in to flash and still being able to view it as a quicktime vr file? Please advise.


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    There's a Flash Video forum, all made special for questions such as this. I'm sure a mod will move this thread over there (or somewhere similar) shortly.

    Once you sort out your technical problem, come back over to the Boardroom and I'm sure we can all figure a way for you to try and make money from your new-found skills.

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    Take your pick...either export your VR from Flash as a QTVR (FILE.EXPORT.QT.VR) or create a mouse over or dragger to handle a single image in Flash to simulate.

    There are two examples of VR's on my site (link below).

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