Well, difficult in that I'm about to provide very little information ....

I'm currently in the middle of pitching to win a new client and at the moment they're having some problems with an access database they've had programmed and installed by someone else.

The database is used (they are a courier company) to input new orders/delieveries and then it generates an invoice.

The problem they are having is that the database can take up to 20 seconds to open (once it's open it's fast) and they're unsure what might be causing this as it's only got a couple of hundred entries and it's running only on local machines (not online) so I would have thought it would be fast!

Sorry I can't provide much more info than that, basically I'm wondering if people might be able to suggest some common issues with access that they could look at? This would certainly help with my pitch if I could help out here!!