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Thread: Setting up mp3 files so everyone can listen to them?

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    Setting up mp3 files so everyone can listen to them?

    I had to put music files on a site(mp3) and I tried to make them open in the viewers media players. This is my first go at putting music on the net.
    Anyway, besides looking really cheesy, it does not work right. When I click on the title of a song it is supposed to open the windows media player and after it loads a bit of it it is supposed to start playing it. What is happening with my files is that first I get a download window that shows me it is completly downloading the file and then the media player opens. It is just not a nice expieriece for the person visiting the site. How do I make it download right.

    I also heard that I can put an mp3 in an empty .swf movie, but could
    not find a tutorial on that.

    Here is the link to my site
    Thanks in advance Wilder

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    Two simple lines, on a frame, like this:

    mySound = new Sound();
    mySound.loadSound("music1.mp3", true);

    The mp3 is on the server. When the movie hits that frame, it starts playing the music. There is a 5 second sound buffering time, but even very large files, over 1 meg, will start and play in 5 seconds or so, even on 56K.

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