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Thread: CDs & DVDs vs Hard Disk Drives

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    CDs & DVDs vs Hard Disk Drives

    We've all had our CD writers for quite some time now, but something has changed . . . all those CDs we've archived away since they were written, just won't read, or are scratched and greasy.

    Is it a conspiracy, or just plain old economical production cuts? Whatever it is, it sucks. And sucks big time.

    I've been a media artist for quite some years now, and I see the future . . . a future without CDs or DVDs. No, I see colosus computer towers filled to the brim with gigantuam hard drives being accessed by millions of dummy-terminal-esq Pocket PCs and Tablets using wireless broadband.

    As like all technologies before it, I've begun to build my colosus tower in my attempt to brace the change. But what is this? Not enough IDE spaces on my motherboard!? No problem I thought. Just buy a PCI ATA controller, and add a few more Hard Drives to my existing 3. But no . . . windows only recognises 3, and not 5.

    So here I am, inches away from creating my Utopia, but dashed by other technological primitivism.

    So I stand here, and ask you . . .

    "if you also share my vision, what are you doing about it? How are you creating this future? What can we do to build these colosus towers with our modest budgets?"
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