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Thread: I cant recieve my payments

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    I cant recieve my payments

    This was the first payment i recieved in paypal. Now when a payment is recieved it appears below with details and 2 buttons saying accept and deny. I click accept and it comes to a page saying
    Add a Credit card
    Add a bank account
    Now i dont have a credit card and i will have to wait for a month to get my bank account. Now i clicked add a bank account then accept payment and dont add bank a/c.
    After that it takes me to the credit card page. And the only option is to cancel since i dont have a credit card.

    Anyone has any idea?
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    let me get this right,

    you are accepting payment through a system were you have no final account details to recieve payment !!

    why ?

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    how did you plan to get your money? you should at least have a bank acct hooked up to it to which you can transfer your money. but i think paypal has a check it can send you, not sure if you need a CC or bank acct hooked up to it though.
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    Originally posted by MG315
    how did you plan to get your money?

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