Hey, I know this sounds like internetvirus's question but no. I'm not him. If you remember, I'm working on my youth groups website and I'm almost done! Two more quesions:

1) We take pictures of our meetings every week and we like to put them up on the internet. When I was exploring with dynamic pictures, I found that you can export imported pictures as outside files and when you change them, they change the pic in the flash file.
PROBLEM: What ever size of picture I put in the folder, that's the size that appears on the flash movie? Do you know what I mean? I Don't! LOL Uh, i mean if i put in a large picture in place of the picture that i exported from the file, it takes up the rest of the screen. Anywho, my question is HOW DO I KEEP THE SIZE OF THE PICTURE CONSTANT? Like in html, you'd say img src="me.gif" width =70 height-70
can you do something like that in 3DFA?

2) I want a pull-down menu to select a staff's e-mail address. Then I want them to be able to type a message in right there and not have to go through Outlook or AOL or something like that. Could you guys help me with that? Thanks!

BTW, I want to thank Bret again for all his help with transfering variables to a .txt file. I'll be sure to show you guys my final results when I'm done with the site!