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Thread: swf loading problem

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    swf loading problem


    I have a flash movie where i load an external swf. The problem is that when i use a preloader for the swf i load, the main scene doesnt play, but if i cut out the preloader there is no problem i know of. What can i do to make the preloader work?

    The preloader is very simple, with 3 frames, in the third frame there is this code:

    if (_root.getBytesLoaded() == _root.getBytesTotal()) {
    nextScene ();
    } else {
    gotoAndPlay (1);


    Main movie: level 0
    Scenes: "Scene 1"

    loaded movie:
    level 1
    Scenes: Preloader and "Scene 1"

    Thx for taking your time reading this
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    Don't use scenes with external loaded .swfs. Flash has a problem with them.

    Instead add the preloader into the first 2 frames of Scene 1 of the loaded .swf.

    Hope it helps.


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    i had the same problem for a long time.
    if you give me your email address i will send you a fla with a preloader that will work with externaly loaded swf's.

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    Thanks for the help, BOTH of you!

    sure, ihpv01fsu@student.lu.se

    //take care

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    I wouldnt mind a copy of that preloader as well if thats cool

    email add: kiranvic@lycos.co.uk


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