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Thread: 'Transparent' loading screen

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    'Transparent' loading screen

    I am trying to achieve an effect where my html page will load up behind a transparent 'curtain' which, when the site is loaded will then rise and reveal the site.

    I have created the effect I need in flash and html using layers but I cannot control the loading time of the site and flash elements. At the moment the flash loads before the site, and reveals a partially built site. I have also created the correct effect with screengrabs in flash but this doesnt preload the site and the user has to wait for the site to load a 'second time' once the animation has completed.

    I need to find out if I can force the flash to load first (to get the transparent 'curtain' and then load the html behind the flash. Once loaded the page needs to recognise that the page is complete and play the flash file to reveal the site. Ideally all the loading process would be monitored with a loading counter.

    Can Flash Mx2004 load an html page into a swf file? If it can then how?? If it can't I would be very grateful for any other sparks of genius!



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    So why do the contents of the html page have to be html? Can't these just be additional Flash elements on separate layers? As far as I can tell, this would eliminate all your problems.

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