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Thread: Pasting a head

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    Pasting a head

    I want to paste a head onto a body but the problem is that the shade of the skin of the head is not the same as the shade of the body. Anyone know how I can solve that problem ?

    I also tried other legs on a picture, but that didn't work very well. Everything was positioned well but the problems are the shades of the skin.

    It doesn't help either if i put the pic in B&W
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    Sounds like a job for Adjustment Layers and Blending Modes. Both are located in the Layers palette if you didn't already know that.



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    As for what you actually want to do to these Adjustment Layers, I would try adjusting the Levels, Hue/Saturation & the Brightness/Contrast. In order to make more specific suggestions I would need to see the image, but basically you want to use the adjustment tools to match the color and tonal values of both skin layers. It may take a lot of little adjustments to get it just right, but be patient and you should be able to match them quite closely.

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