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Thread: HELP!!!!....resizing FlashMX

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    HELP!!!!....resizing FlashMX

    PLease HELP!!!....can anyone tell me how this was done????.....the flash document resizes automatically to any brower size.....heres the site that you can see what I'm talking about!!!!



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    They set the width and height of the movie to '%' instead of pixels. So, 100% x 100% will always equal a full page. View the source on that page.
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    Actually its an fscommand();
    You can use the fscommands at the beginning of your movie to set how it is viewed...
    for instance
    this command fills the screen when the .swf is played solo and not over a website
    fscommand("fullscreen", true);

    Read up on the fscommands, but that will give you the desired effect your looking for.
    theres also either "scrollable", or "resizeable", something along those lines, I am drawing a blank at the moment.

    or to make it so that no matter what the user resizes the window too when viewing over the web and your movie never resizes with the window...
    embed the swf into a single celled table and set the table aspects to the same size as your movie.
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    thanks I'll try that also....what does work is to set the dimensions in the html code to 100% width and 100% height....

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