Hi all,
I was wondering how people are targeting the flash 6 player with AS 2.0 in regard to a preloading class.
I tried implementing a loader class written by Ralf Bolkenburg into my own classes. I get an error message saying that my line of code that is instantiating the loader object is not permitted within my class. The below class has more features than i need, I would love to have a "barebones" version of this class

I've been swimming through many posts on preloading. Does anyone have a simple, elegant AS 2.0 preloader class they want to share? I guess my main problem is that I cant seem to set onData or onEnterFrame event from an external class(object) to a MovieClip created from that class(object) in my main movie(.fla)

I would just use the MovieClipLoader class, but I dont want to force my users to upgrade to flash player 7

Basically I have my own image class, I want to import a preloader class into it so that I can set my container MC(created by createEmptyMovieClip) width and height to the size of the jpg(or swf) once it has loaded.
I instantiate my custom image object like so:
var image1 : ASImage = new ASImage("test.jpg",_root.createEmptyMovieClip("image",11),10);