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Thread: Load & Edit External Text

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    Load & Edit External Text

    I enjoyed making a external text loader for my Flash movie and thought; "Wouldn't it be neat to be able to edit that text with my browser?" ...well now you can.

    Required: PHP

    I'm using it with this template: View Template
    You can play with my demo: View Demo

    • news_loader.swi
    • news_loader.swf
    • news_loader.html
    • news.txt
    • edit_file.php

    ...all in a handy zip file Download

    I think the whole thing is pretty straight forward so I don't expect anybody will have too much trouble with it. Let me know if I've overlooked something.
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    Nice example

    It would be nice to take the ampersant and the var name out of the textbox and write that to the textfile instead:

    $newvar = '&oldvar=' . $textbox . '&';

    Just a simple line so you can't mess up the textfile.
    (With the dot you add those three things to the one var)

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