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    Exe ! Exe ! Exe !

    I know, i know.. this is a hot topic but :

    .. I have a problem.

    I've installed Swish 2.01 and Max.

    When I tried to export into EXE the SWISH 2.01 appears the orange SWISH letters, and when i do it with SWISH MAX the buttons of the animation are disable, and when I click them .. the animation CLOSES it by itself !!!

    I solved the problem, when i sent the file (swf)
    to a friend (who does not use SWISH)... and could export it at the perfection..


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    nobody understands me ?

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    Originally posted by KindOfUtopian
    nobody understands me ?
    maybe somebody else does... i don't. which animation are you talking about? which orange swish letters? what buttons? and how can somebody who doesn't have swish export the swi to exe?

    please go a bit more into detail...

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    ... everybody can export an animation (swf) to exe...
    using the projector of Macromedia... its simple.... BUT I couldn´t !!!! ... i don't know why.

    When I did it the SWISH logo appeared instead of my animation.
    And when I open the file with SWiSH MAX .. the buttons (of my animation) didn't work... and when I clicked them, the animation closed it by itself.

    I requested a Friend, and i sent him the SWF, and created the EXE without problems.

    any suggestion ?

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    Lets understand the process.

    You used test in player as your means to convert the
    swf to exe?

    Or did you try to access the SwishPla.exe to open another
    file and saw the swishmax logo?

    Prolly number 2
    I believe it has to do with licensing of the player.
    (theory here) swishzone may be licensed to distribute the
    player only within the archetecture of the swf program.
    Ergo in order to access the swishpla.exe you would need to
    open swishmax then test in player then convert.

    Macromedia has cracked down on unlawful distribution of
    the flash player as a standalone. Even though it is packaged
    free with FlashMX

    So open swishmax with your swi then test in player then convert.


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