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Thread: Old Newbie I Really Need Your Help

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    Old Newbie I Really Need Your Help

    Hi all,

    Old newbie I think you would know the answer to my problem so I thought I wwould just ask you first.

    I have attached a flash file for you to see what I am actualy trying to do.

    What I am trying to do
    I have 3 keyframes each with a different coloured square.
    Each different square has a fade in and fade out tween.

    There are three buttons 1 for each square

    When the movie plays it fades in the first square then stops on its keyframe

    when I click the second green button what I want it to do is play out the tween of the first square so it appears to fade out then it would go to the start of the tween of the fading in of the green square.

    What I am having trouble with is when I am at one square I want to be able to click a button and the movieclip knows to fade out the square it is on then jump to the frame label of the square I want to start the fade of so matter whic one your on it will always finish its tween before starting the next section tween.

    I tried doing this by puttin a blank movieclip on the stage which elvaluates whether are variable is true or not which would be set by the button pressed in order to decipher which section to jump too.

    At present it is just playing through to the second section.


    Feel free to change the flash file that I have posted and that goes for anyone that knows the answer

    I appreciate any help given in advance

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