Hi, through reading info on the Macromedia site - i missed the part where it describes weather the tool to develop for PDAs (i.e. PocketPC) is the FlashMX2004 it self or other, and also what special support does this tool gives: i can build a flashMX (not 2004) site in the sizes to fit the PDA screen - the question is - with it be preferable to build it in a the tool that is special for PDAs (MX2004 or what ever it is).

I've came across an "unpleasant" situation: i needed a combo list, i took from what MX offers - decreased the file size in couple hundreds of KB !!! implementing it with out using the components weight much less... this "story" is sort of asking: if a special tool for flash in PDA better then building in Flash Mx (not 2004) ?

Thanks in advance,
Maya Malimovka.