I am in the process of making a VCD of my swf files, but the avi that I export from Quicktime is HUGE and I am concerned that it won't fit on a cd when converted to MPEG.

Here is how I am doing it:

1) I export my swf from Flash.
2) I open the SWF in Quicktime Pro and export it as an AVI, no sound. In Quicktime, I am exporting using "No Compression, Best Quality and Millions of Colors+".
3) I record the sound separately and save as a wav track.

I want to take the AVI and the WAV file and make an MPEG using TMPGEnc, but the file size of the AVI is over 1 GB (for only a 3 minute animation).

Will the MPEG be SMALLER, or do I have to reduce the AVI size? If so, HOW?

Thanks for your help.


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