Lets see how to make this simple....

I have 8 content plates, lets call them "states", as well as 8 navs at the top. These navs "call" the 8 various "states"

The goal is to have the current "state" slide out to the left and a new "state" slide in from the right when a nav is hit. This would apply to all navs / states.

One way to do it would be to do the 8 x 8 possible combinations of tweening between states possible- this is archaic [64 different ones!]

Instead I know there must be a way to do using variables. For example when "state 3" is up and you hit the 5th nav, some sort of Actionscript would querry which state is up [3], command that specific state [3] to slide left, and slide the newly selected state [5] in from thr right.

I know this sounds simple but I have done some AScript before I keep hitting walls here.

Can anyone be specific and provide details on a way to do this? I have been using if then statements and it is not working for me [if state=3 then gotoAndPlay("3out") etc...]

Please help! any ideas are welcome