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Thread: Average/optimum Frame Rate

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    Average/optimum Frame Rate

    I'm sure this has been done to death, but I am too lazy to read thru all of the 4400+ thread search results about frame rates.

    So, on the average, what frame rate do you like to use on your movies?

    Could you give us a link to one of your swfs at that framerate?

    Any comments on your choice of framerate?

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    i am not at my home pc, so i can't attach it yet, but i will... later..

    i make swf files with a framerate of around 20 up... recently, i used 25+...

    with slow rates, you have to make your tweens longer, or it will come out like chunks.. like a simple text moving to the left, will move a centimeter, then stop for half a sec, then move another...

    it ain't too smooth...

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