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Thread: concept problems.

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    concept problems.

    Hello everyone.

    Im having a slight difficulty trying to grasp how the following works.
    I have tried a few ways, but still cannot seem to grasp it.

    Here is the situation...

    I have my interface(MOVIE_A) and the menu loads other movies into the desired area, (MOVIE_B). I figured out how this could be done using load and unload movie in the code. It works perfectly.

    Now the problem.. MOVIE_B is large in size, so I decided to add a preloader to MOVIE_B.fla. When I view it via export movie, or over the web as a stand-alone file, the preloader works, and so do the GOTOANDPLAY(); commands. However, when the movie is displaying via the interface (MOVIE_A). The preloader will not function properly, nor the GOTO functions.

    So my question/request for help is this.. how do I set paths for MOVIE_B that will ever only be in MOVIE_B.
    I was using _root.blah but it seems to not work when loaded in the interface (MOVIE_A).

    basically for now, movie_b is simply a preloader, that when at 100% goes to the next frame all within movie_b.

    One more thing, for the same case, what should I use for MOVIE_B getBytesLoaded();

    would it be _root.getBytesLoaded(); or this.getBytesLoaded();

    I really appreciate any help I could get on this matter.

    Thanks in advance.

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    When you load a movie into another movie, the _root of the loaded movie is the same as the _root of the base movie.

    Workaround: use _parent

    And use _root.movieContainer.getBytesLoaded(); in your main movie;

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    so _parent would be used for movie_b to contact movie_a correct?

    if so, what will I use in movie_b only for movie_b?

    Thanks alot for the quick reply, im working on this stuff now, so it is very helpful!!

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    You could also use a generic preloader within the main movie to load all external movies, like this one... http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...hreadid=456020

    If you want a transition between loading different movies all with one preloader, check this... http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/p...transition.htm

    Finally, if you loaded your movie on another level rather than in a container clip, no script changes would be needed in the "to be loaded" movie.

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