I have a movieclip on the stage on a keyframe that has a stop. he movieclip has its _alpha manually set to o using the properties pane.

What I need it to do is when the clip enters the movieclip it asks itself is my alpha less then 100% YES then ok increase myself by 5%. Because I have a stop and I am using an onClipEvent(enterframe) it should gradually increase until its aplha reaches 100%. It appears to be doing that ok as the clip fades in gradually. What I need it to do then is once it has reached 100% it should break its loop and move to frame 2 with the label "s2" but it is not doing that.

Code on the movieclip

if (this._alpha != (100){
this._alpha +=5;

As I said it fades up alright but wont go to the appropriate next frame once it reaches full alpha.

It has to be something simple!

If anyone can help then I would be most grateful.

Thanks pixelmagik