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Thread: My theory: Green isnt Green for everyone!

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    so cruise? are you saying that flashkit is green and orange to you? because that would hurt!

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    Have you ever wondered about the true nature of objects?

    If you take any object in to a room with no light and no windows, they appear invisible.

    This is because every thing from a molecule to a planet is made of atoms, Energy.

    Only when these clumps of energy are bathed in light particles, (puckets or Buckets im not to sure!) do the objects reveal their shape.

    The colour of the shape comes from the light spectrum, if an object is green, it absorbs the wavelengths of the light, reflecting back the wavelength of

    light that the surface oscillates at.

    the oscillation on the surface of the object means that only light waves that don’t match the wavelengths oscillations can be absorbed by the object.

    The wavelength of light that match the wavelengths of the objects surface molecules, are reflected of the surface of the object, into our eyes.

    On the optic nerve there are light sensitive molecules which convert this wavelength into an electrical signal, which in turn builds a visible world in sideour minds.

    PS the wavelengths leaving an object to our eyes is standard depending on the light source available, but the individual receiving this reflected wavelengths may interpret these wavelengths differently in their brains…we call this colour blindness.


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    that's what i meant with the frequency thing...i should have used the word wavelength.

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    Originally posted by Mac8myPC
    so cruise? are you saying that flashkit is green and orange to you? because that would hurt!
    That would really trash my eyes!

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    I agree-n with you on that!! And I dont want to have a BLUE.
    But serously i have a question and Im a bit green at Flash but im looking at buying the program could you tell me if it is time Flash is due to come out with Flash Six as im wandering if its better to wait for Flash six ,before I buy?. What do you recormend, wait? or buy? I just thought if I buy flash 5 now and flash 6 comes out soon I will have to learn all over a heap of new stuf and program?? What is your feeling on when you think Flash six will come out??

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