Hi guys,
1st time on forum...find info very informative.
I have read most of the threads on lauching PDFs and Word from projector. I tried the Northcode Invoke batch file, the flashgeek.exe file and the executor.exe file followed the instructions, networked to a PC put them on the desktop c:drive, used folders called fscommand where applicable and tried the right clicking for the properties to hide the .bat files...but the button in the projector didn't work. I thought about the comment of security with MX so I loaded my old flash 5 onto the old operating system on the G5, back saved the projecter and used a simple fscommand to launch a .bat file and it worked fine, especially the flashgeek.exe. The Invoke still gave me the ugly black screen. BTY I have no fingernails left.

What I want to know is what’s the go with MX, when I publish a PC projector and burn it to disk, I want the client to be able to put the projector wherever they like and press a button in the projector to launch Word, and open mainly .doc files (a lot of them)and a few PDFs.
Also the file will be around the 6 to 10 meg mark, is that OK for flash to handle.

I hope I don't seem too demanding, I traded the coffee in now for alcohol and I am getting close to a deadline and I think I need therapy,