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Thread: using PNG images in IE

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    using PNG images in IE

    does IE suppport PNG images and its transparency? check out this site in IE: http://www.intriguemedia.net/clients/EOE/layout_png.php

    there are suppose to be a shadow on either side of the main table, like this: http://www.intriguemedia.net/clients/EOE/ which is using a GIF's, but it looks like complete butt. in IE the PNG images are completely white. is there anyway i can correct this?

    everything looks normal in Mozilla ...

    any help would be much appreciated, thanks
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    Dan Schultz
    Intrigue Media

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    Dan Schultz
    Intrigue Media

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    we use the pngbehavior.htc to work around the IE issues.

    just google it - I'm sure there are many tutes online. If you can't find anything or need any help, just PM me.

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    good stuff guys. thanks.

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    does any of this stuff work for a bg image since there's is no <img> tag?
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    Dan Schultz
    Intrigue Media

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