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Thread: Preloding local big swfs movies problem.

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    Preloding local big swfs movies problem.

    well... my question is:
    Loading large swf files:... can cause standalone be freezed for some
    In this project, i have a standalone projector which call many swfs
    movies to be loaded into an empty MC called "movie".
    Some of these swf, are very large. They loaded and played OK in P4 and P3 with acceptable RAM amount, but in other systems, standalone get freezed from 6 to 15 seconds when loading new swf.
    The largest swf have 18 Mb. and i cannot reduce it any more.
    Again: App run OK, i need only optimize preload for the largests swfs).
    In a first step, i put a preload when exe load a new swf, but these
    method its not appropiated beacause loading from web its different
    than loading from local.
    I put this preload on standalone and later on each swf.
    It didnt work for any of two methods.
    I dont need to make an EXACT preloader.... simply, i need to show
    anything that show the user next movie its loading (for ex: a sand
    Well... here is the problem.
    I put a invisible movie in the root which has a loop of a rotating sand clock.
    When i load new swf, i make visible the sand clock and later put
    invisible again.
    My client said when he load new movie, standalone show the sand clock, but freezed. Not moving.
    And the "sand clock" animation its a very small embbebed flv.

    All methods i was tested get me the same results.
    (from very advanced preloadings....to an extremly simple)
    Beacause the problem is the temporary freezed standalone while new swf (large) is being loaded.

    Anybody can give me another idea to resolve this?
    Its any other way to resolve temporary freezed standalone while its
    preloading new swfs (without reducing swf weight)



    En espaol:

    Bien, mi pregunta es:

    Cargar archivos swf grandes:...puede causar que el proyector se "congele" durante algunos segundos?

    En este proyecto, tengo un proyector desde el cual llamo a algunos swfs para que sean cargados dentro de un movie clip vaco que se llama "movie".
    Algunos de estos swfs son muy grandes. Se ejectuan bien en P4 y P3 con una cantidad aceptable de RAM, pero en otros sistemas, el proyector se "congela" entre 6 y 15 segundos, cuando cargo un nuevo swf.
    El swf ms pesado tiene 18 Mb. y no puedo reducirlo ms.
    Nuevamente: La aplicacin corre prefecta, solamente necesito optimizar la precarga para los swfs ms pesados.
    En una primera etapa, puse un preload cuando el exe carga un nuevo swf, pero este mtodo no es apropiado porque la carga desde la web es diferente a la carga que se hace de manera local.
    Puse este preloader en el exe y luego en cada swf.
    No funcion de ninguna de las dos maneras.

    En realidad, no necesito hacer un preloader EXACTO, simplemente necesito mostrar cualquier cosa al usuario que demuestre que la nueva pelcula est cargando (por ejemplo: un reloj de arena).

    Bien... ac est el problema.
    Puse un movie clip invisible en el root, el cual contiene un loop de un reloj de arena rotando.
    Cuando cargo un nuevo swf, convierto en "VISIBLE" el reloj de arena y despus lo hago invisible nuevamente.

    Mi cliente dice que cuando carga una nueva pelcula, el proyector muestra el reloj de arena pero quieto... sin movimiento.
    El reloj de arena es una animacin muy liviana. Es un FLV embebido.

    Todos los mtodos que prob me dieron los mismo resultados.
    (desde los preloadings ms avanzados hasta el ms simple)
    Porque el problema est en que el proyector se "congela" cuando un nuevo swf (pesado) est siendo cargando.

    Alguien puede darme otra idea para resolver esto?
    Hay otro camino para resolver el congelado temporario del proyector mientras ste realiza la precarga de un nuevo swf (sin reducir el peso del swf)?

    Muchas gracias!

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    Preloaders won't work on files that come from the hard drive or CD because the data isn't streamed to the player it's just all loaded as one big blob. The bigger the file you try and load, the longer your system will appear frozen. At 18MB you're waaaay over the limit (or about 4MB) that Macromedia recommends for SWF files. The only thing you can do to improve things is to split the large SWF files into sections and load and play them one after the other...

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    Well... i know about 4 Mb size that Macromedia talk about.
    In most of projects, i work under this limit, but in others examples i need to exceed this one (never exceeding 16000 frames...)

    These are project with a lot of 3D animation (as FLV videos) and sound with acceptable quality.
    I just split some swfs.

    This app run very good. Was tested in lot of computers.
    My need its only for a probable low resources system.

    Split all swfs its my last last last last alternative.
    Or... change system requeriments to a P3 w/ 256 Mb . RAM.

    This size, its not a madness of my part, beacause my client knows from beggining that some contents may cause larger files.
    I say it...

    Im thinking for another way that let me run standalone processes (simple "loading anim" loop) while its load another swf...

    If no way for this... I can take advantage of the "temporary standalone freeze" and i can use a static "loading..." image...while swf is loading during that 6-15 seconds.
    But... i prefer a dinamic animation.
    Each swf contains: FLV embbeded anim + audio layer + subtitles layer (that interacts with main timeline of standalone).

    Standalone contains: Simple navigational structure + movie controls (play, ff, rew, etc that interacts with loaded swfs movies).

    Im agree with your position, but i consider we should think any other alternative before reprogram all app. (thanks!)

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