Could you, please, give any ideas on the following:

I am going to release a freeware Flash-related desktop utility. This customizable software would be useful for those developers who want to give a "desktop" behaviour to their online and offline applications (Flash or just HTML). The software is ready and is actively used by me
Now I am looking for sponsors to cover expenses for hosting and licensing the software that I was using while programming this tool (trial versions). Possible amount is not so high and I can propose to put any kind of sponsor's information in ABOUT form (logo, url, description) of this version of utility and all minor version updates (and make it available forever). Or even add to the developers list.

So, I have a couple of questions to forum users:
1. Is it OK to ask for this?
2. Did you ever made such proposal?
3. Are there any other ways of such cooperation?
4. Can you advise anything else?

Anyone interested in cooperation, please contact me to get specification of the tool and its demo.