hello all,

I would fist like to say that the CD-ROM project i have been working on was finally approved. I recieved accolades that must be passed along to "Wheels" and "Northcode" Without thier support it would have never been completed. Thanks again guys.

The clinet has opted to not have the resolution resetting option, which allows me to have this run on both MAC and PC platforms.

I have followed the steps from the tutorial on this site to have it run cross platform.

I have gone through the toast steps, (temp partition, mac and pc files, autorun, etc.)

The CD auto runs on MAC's running OS9 and PC's. How do you enable the CD to auto run on OSX.

also, this isnt very important, but how do you have the Icon for the mac be the same as the one created for the PC. right now the MAC icon is simply the CD.

Thanks you all,