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Thread: MX::Snowfall::Random Motion on Dupe MCs

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    MX::Snowfall::Random Motion on Dupe MCs

    I'm trying to make a Flash Xmas card and I have 3 movie clips of different snow flakes and I want them to duplicate at random sizes and positions and fall at slightly different random speeds in the background and do this constantly through an 18 second movie. What do I do?? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    So I've got some randomly duplicating snowflakes but they are all spastic! They seem to just be constantly reduplicating and I can't figure out how to get them to stay on the screen, fall and then another to be duplicated and added into the top. I've attached the .fla and the code is the "flake 3" in the library and flake 3 has been placed on the main stage. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!
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    Hi Slickshoe,

    I've got a file of falling snow flakes, its been made a year ago.

    If u want to change the graphics of the flakes, go in the Library>edit Flake1,Flake2 & Flake3.

    If u want to specify upto which height the flakes should fall, play with the 'limit' var on the _root (layer 'mc+actions').

    Lets see if it works for u.
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    Awesome! Thanks a lot Goblin!

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    Hey FlashGoblin,

    I used your fla file for some graphics.Strange thing is the file where I placed in the 3 mc's,holder,etc works like I want it to be(external swf).when I publish the file speed,position ,etc is good.But when I load the file as an extern.swf.It's all choppy.speed is to fast and I only see my graphics on one place.I don't see them falling anymore.

    You could tell me what the prob. is?

    Big thx in advance,


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