can anyone colour in?
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Thread: can anyone colour in?

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    can anyone colour in?

    My friend has asked me to design his website & spent ages drawing a picture for me to trace & colour in. I've traced the basic outlines, (which took for ever), but i dont know how to colour. I've read stuff & tried doing shading blah blah, but it still looks 2D.

    Can anyone do it for me?
    His site's non-profit, i'm not being paid, so sadly i cant afford to pay anyone, but what i will do is credit the person & add a link on the site, which we're hoping will get a lot of traffic once it's finished.

    i can supply the fla with the trace in it, original image, jpeg, psd, ufo - which ever format. - anyone interested, please get back to me - thanks
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    i was bored, this isn't what you asked for but i felt like doing it.. if you could however provide me with the fla i assume this came from then i could shade it in nicely..
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    Nice work fiddlestick5 its simple and to the point Im feeling that Blk & Wht good stuff and nice drawing too MrA.
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