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Thread: beginner needing help–please?

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    beginner needing help–please?

    I have created a simple flash movie .swf – how does one save it so I can bring it into another flash document as a single movie? – creating one document with several flash movies within it.

    the purpose being to add a simple pre-loader to my file


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    Flash application creates two formats. The .fla file and the .swf. The first one is editable and the second is just the movie you see.
    If you want you can import a .swf into a .fla file from File/Import.
    In addition you can add many scenes to a single .fla(so you have many different movies).
    Open the Scene panel,click the add scene button.Rename it to preloader and drag it, so it is the first scene in your panel. Create whatever you want for your preloader here.

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