I am working on an example from an article and i am having a problem but i don't really know where the breakdown is or how to fix it.

The following code gets variables from a php page

function lv(l, n, t, e, f) {
sb.setSize(null, 200);
//sb2.setSize(null, 30);
//create a new loadVars object if one doesn't already exist if it does, use it
if (l == undefined) {
l = new LoadVars();
l.onLoad = function() {
var i;
//clear out any text that might already be there
n.htmlText = "";
//to show a single entry at a time we use the following code
if (t == undefined) {
n.htmlText += "<b>"+this["title"+e]+" - "+this["date"+e]+"</b><br><br>";
n.htmlText += this["entry"+e];
} else {
//cycle through and show all entries
for (i=0; i<this.n; i++) {
n.txt.htmlText += "<u><a href='asfunction:_root.loadArc,"+this["id"+i]+"'>"+this["title"+i]+" - "+this["date"+i]+"</a></u><br>";
function loadArc(passed) {
arcNum = passed-1;
lv(blog_lv, entries_txt, undefined, arcNum, "blog_result.php");
//for the large entry textfield
lv(blog_lv, entries_txt, undefined, 0, "blog_result.php"); **this one works fine**
//for the archives text field
lv(archive_lv, archive_txt, "cycle", null, "blog_result.php"); **this one doesn't

The text field that the last function call should fill is always empty I am not sure why the first one will work but the second won't. I have tried eveything i can think of. Anyone see anything that i have done wrong here?