Ok, this is probably just my own bad luck, but I'm trying to make a 'Patcher' for a game im creating, wich will live in an Ebook Editor Pro output file... For many resons I chose it, not because it's an ebook im making, but because its alot easier for me to update seperate swf's with an html index... and its self contained, and I could go on but I wont... Anyway my problem is, (in flash 4) *waits for you to get done cringing* basicly im using an 'If' oldversion < newversion goto 12 else goto 13, wich 12 would say click her eto update, 13 would say no updates availble... I finaly figured out how to load in variables from a text file on the web, it works fine in MM standalone player, and fine from IE's embeded player, but when I exicute it from Ebook edit pro, it's not working, it doesnt even load in the variables from the website text file... Anyone know of another program I can use like Ebook Editor Pro, or mabe why this particular embeded player is not working, or even another way I can code it. Or possibly can I use a java script or something else to accoplish the same thing.

Ok, the facts:
Ebook Editor Pro, is able to open WWW pages, in it own browser, play flash, but all the files for your project are put together in one bundle that way your content can be viewed offline (unless you specify to get it from a web page).

I'm not expecting much responce to this, as I searched all the boards and couldnt find anything about ebook editor pro.

Posibly my only other thought was that perhaps I could use MM player as the .exe for the program, and then after update fineshes, have it automaticly close, and then open my ebook editor pro .exe file.

Keep in mine im using flash 4 *waits for the gasps and cringes to pass*