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Thread: URL & PDF windows hidden behind FS Projector

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    URL & PDF windows hidden behind FS Projector

    Greetings in the Name of Flash

    I know for sure that one of you brilliant people in the Flashkit community will have an answer to this.

    I have fullscreen projector (PC) that launches some PDF's and a site link. Everything works fine on most machines.

    On a few machines though, the initial window is opened OK but unless the user closes that window, when they go back to the projector it comes to the foreground and stays there. All subsequent windows are opened behind the projector and can be found there when the projector is closed.

    I have tried using self, blank, parent and top all with the same results.

    I saw a post from 2001 on this site and one from 2002 on the Macromedia site with the same problem. No one responded to either of those.

    Machines encountering the problem were Dell & Toshiba laptops running XP and IE.

    This project was originally created using Flash 5 about a year and a half ago and this version is an update using MX. Both versions have the problem.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Use JStart which will allow you to open the pdf file in front of the projector file.



    You can also use Jugglor and JStart together and use the 'Don't go to foreground on click'


    Good luck

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    You can also download a copy of Flash Studio PRO and launch a PDF outside of the Projector or even load it INSIDE your projector. I hope this helps

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