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Thread: flash game development related applications:

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    flash game development related applications:

    not too much chitchat in this one please,iŽll add it to the knowledge base sticky on top of the board,just add good apps which can be used for flash game development here in this format:
    -description: (short if possible)
    -read more about it here: (optional)

    name: SplitImage
    description: Software for dividing an image into multiple parts for use on web pages
    (and for turning them into tiles for tile based games )
    url: http://www.thecastle.com/software.html#splitimage
    read more about it here:
    http: http://www.flashkit.com/board/showt...759#post2722759
    description:build full-fledged, full-featured desktop applications using Flash and your favorite programming language
    (add lots of features like saving,changing resolution etc.)
    url: http://www.screenweaver.com
    name:Flash Studio Pro
    description:build full-fledged, full-featured desktop applications using Flash and your favorite programming language
    (basically similar to screenweaver,major differencies: not as easy to use,has way more features (over 400 extra features you can add to your flash stuff) in return and the best support iŽve seen for such extra flash related tools)
    url: http://www.multidmedia.com/software/flashstudio/
    name:Swift 3d v3
    the best tool for creating 3d models/animations with flash(swf) output in small filesize
    name:Swift 3d Xpress
    extension for flash mx 2004,turn any shape you create in flash into a 3d object which can be animated in 3d (all inside flash!)
    "Just select any shape on stage and choose the Swift 3D Command (directly inside Flash MX04) and there's your 3D object. When you are done adding materials, bevels, animation and lighting (using drag and drop), it's time to export to Flash. The plugin supports reflections, shadows and specular highlights and even raster output. When you are pleased with the looks, exit Swift 3D Xpress and you are back in Flash with a newly created movieClip containing your 3D animation. How's that for easy?"
    description:Tilemap editor with a script powered output option, which allows you to write you're own output format.
    description:A Scintilla-based ActionScript editor, i cant recommend this program enough, its so much easier to author in than flash!
    url: http://www.bomberstudios.com/sciteflash/
    description:another great (freeware) app for editing actionscript,both are way better than the editor inside flash =)

    thanks to random10122,Squize and all others who help(ed) bringing this together =)
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