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Thread: Horrible masking bug

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    Horrible masking bug

    I have one movieclip masking another. The masking movieclip that contains the mask is empty until I use draw commands to determine what it should contain. When I test the program and it gets to this part, I get an 'illegal operation' error from the flash player, which promptly closes. Is this a known bug? Are there ways around it?

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    Can't tell what you are doing without the FLA.

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    Good idea. http://www.flecko.net/files/temp/maskbug.fla - don't run it straight out of Flash, export it and run it in the standalone player, because it will crash instantly.

    Edit: I've found something out - it only seems to crash in player version 7.0 r19. In version 6.0 r79 it does not crash, but it does not mask, either (it just doesn't show up). If I draw stuff into the mask layer beforehand in flash then that will mask, but any draw commands I execute on it do nothing.
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