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Thread: need help with an animation idea...

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    need help with an animation idea...

    i am trying to create an animation where i have three small 'o' characters making a pyramid
    o o) dont mind the _

    and i want the o's rotate around each other. i also want the o's to grow in size (not too large) and the pyramid as a whole to appear as if it is getting closer to the viewer. when they get to size, the o's will split off to form words. i think i can handle this part, but im stuck with the beginning.

    should i make a movie clip of the 3 o's of normal size just rotating around continuously, and then in my scene i should shrink that movie clip and while the clip plays, make it's size larger and then have the o's break away? or am i going to have to just create 3 layers in my scene, one for each o, and just motion tween those layers to have the same effect? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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    Just make 3 different layers. Then make the o movieclip and put in
    each layer one instant of it. Then in the fiftheenth frame you place
    the top o on the position of the left o and increase its size
    slightly, the left o on the place of the right o..etc. Make a motion
    tween and repeat this process every number of frames, untill they
    have reached the desired size and then you let them motiontween
    towards the place you need them in.

    Working with separate movieclips is better for tweening.

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