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Thread: one button, two actions

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    one button, two actions

    i want the submenu MC to slide away when pressed and then go to the appropriate frame label.

    the submenu has many buttons on it. each button needs to do the same "slide away menu" bit, but then each button has to go to a different frame label.

    perhaps i am going at this the wrong way.

    can you help me?

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    Seems simple to me. Just put more that on action on the button.

    on (release) {
    movieclip.gotoAndPlay ("slideaway");
    _root.gotoAndPlay (5);

    where "slideaway" would be the framelabel you use for the begining of your sliding animation and 5 can be whatever frame you want

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    unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work. the playhead moves from the 1st frame label to the second faster than the 1st frame label has a chance to play the MC

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