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Thread: what are legal issues with changing projector files?

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    what are legal issues with changing projector files?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any legal issues using third party apps for changing projector files. For example, using Northcode's stuff for disabling the right click, changing the icon and ect. My friend thinks it's illegal to change that stuff.


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    I can't speak to the legalities of modifying the Macromedia projector (EXE) files by removing their copyright notices, menu items etc. It's a big gray area but to the best of my knowledge they haven't come after anyone yet.

    We (Northcode) started using the Flash OCX back in late 2000 and in all that time we've never been contacted by Macromedia with any kind of warning or "cease and desist" order, nor do we expect one. Macromedia is well aware of us and they know exactly what we're doing with their technology because we keep them updated.

    If Macromedia wanted to pursue legal remedies for unathorized use of the Flash player they would most likely come after us instead of trying to track down all our users, but I don't believe either scenario is very likely.

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    I agree there is little risk. however, MM could change that if they wanted to in the future. check out these two threads for more details on all of this plus concerns about using MP3,



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