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Thread: Flash detection (or No Flash detection, really)

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    Flash detection (or No Flash detection, really)

    I have built a site that has some Flash components and currently have the site built to require the user to install Flash.

    The client would now like for the user to be taken to the site automatically if they have Flash and redirected to the installer if they don't. Once at the installer, if they choose to install, they come back to the site, BUT if they choose NOT TO install, to be directed to a static version...

    So, I'm trying to work this out the best way possible.

    Is it possible to use a version of the swf detector as part of the main swf that recognizes if the user does NOT have Flash and kicks them to another custom landing page that has the choice to install or not to install. This way, if they do have Flash, it will be a seemless test that the user never sees (as opposed to adding the flash (blink) of a redirection to the flash.htm page) in the traditional method. If they don't they get kicked to a landing page, so that I can control what happens if they say NO to the install, rather than using the clunky Refresh Meta tag method...

    Any input, thoughts or recommendations on how to handle this?



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    I'm pretty sure that is all handled in the javascript that flash creates with the Flash detection setting. So you would need to know javascript to accomplish your goal.

    Create a detections page and view the script, it may be fairly easy from there.

    This isn't accomplished from "within" Flash, rather the html page.

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