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    sorry i wasn't sure whether this really belonged in the job/hire sections so i put it here. anyways, i'm certain many of the members here have done/are currently doing/or will be doing flash web design work independently. i was wondering what approaches did/will those of you take to land your first clients? is a portfolio of flash tricks and effects enough? do you go under an assumed design firm name like "yadayadayada designs" and if you do, do you address it as "we at suchandsuch studios seek to...." even if the firm only consisted of you?
    these are probably silly question (especially the last one) but i'm fairly new to the world of web design and i am trying to evaluate what makes a successful approach to starting a design firm. thanks.


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    Hi Dave and welcome, this is a good question and quite suitable for the coffee lounge, I'm sure you will get some good answers. For mine it is prolly best to pick up some contract work first and work with others and build up a portfolio that speaks for itself. ALthough I'm sure that others will have differing and valid opinions too.

    Regards, Steve

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    really good question...
    I have to say I'm in the middle of doing just what you said. I finally bought my own domain name which does not lend itself to any kind of "we the company" thing, because it's just my name .
    As of now, I'm still looking for that first big client, but have had a great opportunity to work on a few collaborative projects which have been extremely rewarding.
    So, people are getting to know my website, and I've got some gigs in the works. I'm just going with the "this is me" approach, I am the company, but I'm really just making this up as I go...
    I'll be interested to see how others are, or have, handled this.


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    me, myself and us

    I'm trying to do the same thing, however I teamed up with a friend who is into doing databases, perl, webhosting and all that "boring" stuff...I don't have a portfolio per se, I'm hoping the one presentation I'm slowly building will be enough to get me some smaller jobs in order to build a portfolio.

    Hope this helps ya!


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    Hi all, I've been gaining great info from this site for awhile now <CHEERS A JOB WELL DONE> and only today registered.

    This is a process I'm in right now, altho my ultimate goal is freelance I'm not quite there yet. I'm in the learning,and reserch part just now before I begin to put togther my own site.

    What cought my eye, was the post by fishee in regards to his friend helping him out with the 'boring stuff' I know nothing about databases etc. And my programing knowledge is only being able to alter simple scripts and the likes.

    Databases seem to be everywhere in one form or another. Should this be somthing I need to add to my 'to do' list before venturing forth?


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