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Thread: NEED MAC USERS Advice on Apple Display PROBLEM, PLEASE HELP!

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    NEED MAC USERS Advice on Apple Display PROBLEM, PLEASE HELP!

    hi there!

    I've had my G4 mac since 1999. It's a 400MHZ with APG graphics. I have a 19" Apple Display monitor. I think I purchashed the system in Aug. of 1999 or so.

    Here is my problem. My MONITOR! Grrr. After about 2 hrs or so, it starts to go out on me! It makes a funny boing sound, and then the picture goes out. I can however get the picture back, by unplugging the power cable from the back of my PC and replugging it in. The connection seems to work ok, and the picture comes back. But between 20 seconds to mins the display does the same thing! So, I turn it off and give it a half hour rest. This allows me to get another hour of usage before it is going to go boing - out on me again!

    Any one have any idea as to what my issue could be? I don't have another monitor to check this on, so I am not sure if it's my monitor overheating, the graphics card, or perhaps has something to do w/ PANTHER? I've just recently started to have this problem, so I'm just not sure what it could be! If this sounds like a familiar problem, and someone can tell if what's going on, that would really help me out!

    I'm working on some freelance projects and can't afford to have this keep happening to me! I don't want to go out to buy a new display just to find out it was my graphics card!

    Anyways, I've checked my cable connections, and I've checked to make sure the graphics card is connected and it is.

    So, I'm under the impression that this isn't a graphics card issue, mainly because the problem deals w/ my power cord.

    Any insight into this is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much for your time!

    ||| Valerie |||


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    Sounds like the monitor is about to kick the bucket.

    You could try degaussing; there'll be an option for it somewhere in the display settings on the actual display (i.e. not part of the OS), or a button that does it. Other than that, I dunno really.
    I'm guessing it's out of warranty by now, so you might just have to get another one...

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    It sounds as if the monitor is overheting. Make sure there is nothing blocking the vents, dust papers books by the monitor. when the monitor gets too hot (internally) it will cut out. when you unplug and replaug the wire it resets and turns on. but will cut out as soon as the temp goes up. thats why the longer you leave it off the longer it will last. it has sufficient time to cool down.

    Could be repaired but not worth it, junk it and pick up new one.

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