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Thread: Damn it I hate CSS!

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    Damn it I hate CSS!

    Ive been using Flash for too long, and now Im going back to proper web design to design my website. So I thought I would be smart and layout my website using purely CSS to be standards compliant and all that lark.

    Anyway Ive been trying to create this essentially 3 row layout. All 3 rows expand to the browsers width, while rows 1 and 3 are fixed height leaving row 2 to expand to the remaining available space. Now this sort of layout can be made using tables or framesets in two seconds, but in my pursuit of the 'extensibility' of CSS I have been trying to create this using CSS for the last few hours; and I've finally got fed up of it.

    My target browser's are IE 5+, Opera 6+, Firebird and I would really prefer not to use Javascript to hack the layout. I have tried everything now to layer up div's in various orders and screen positioning both absolute and relative, with margin and padding adjustments. Although I have come close it isn't perfect and the code is getting messy for something thats meant to be extensible.

    So in my desperation I botched together this diagram in the hope that one of more wiser FK'ers can shed some light on this.

    Cheers for any help, now excuse me while I continue to bang my head against the wall...

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