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Thread: caching issue?

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    caching issue?

    Hello everyone. I've been having this problem for some time now and can't seem to find out why. I'v recently had the same problem on windows 2k pro and am now having the same with win xp pro...both using flash mx. I create a flash movie, publish it and upload the swf and the html files using an ftp program. I go to look at the page online (on the server) and am looking at an older version every time. I clear my cache and cookies each time and even manually delete the temp internet files under all users in my windows explorer, but still the same thing happens. I force a fresh reload by using Ctrl + F5 - again no change. If I wait until the following day, the newer version will be visible. This has to be a caching problem (I think), but I can't see what I'm doing wrong and how to prevent this. Please help....

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    strange that you posted this, as i was having a similar problem this morning at work. i had also noticed this happening in the past, but this morning it was very severe. i had the same problem as you, and i tried the same fixes...here is what the IT department said:
    we have been fighting with replication on our website nodes, and this could be an indication of a problem there. How big, and what is the name of the file, that you're trying to upload? We'll look into it from there.
    i'm not server guru, but apparently the web site has levels of caching, and the 'live' site is not immediately populated with the most recent files. there is a lag before it 'copies' the new files over, despite them being clearly visible as the correct files in my FTP window. you might want to contact your host, as i'm pretty sure this isn't a problem on your end.

    sorry i couldn't be more helpful...nords.

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    Just a guess.

    You're ISP may not upload your FTP pages until midnight or the next day like you are experiencing. Seems very odd though.
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    looks like the issue is with my isp's proxy servers. If I rename the file before publishing and uploading, the issue resolves itself. Thanks for your feedback.

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