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Thread: Adjusting a symbol's properties in multiple keyframes

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    Adjusting a symbol's properties in multiple keyframes

    I figure there has to be an easier way to do this. Here's the situation: I created a movieclip, placed in on the stage and then animated it (it alpha's up and grows larger, then alpha's down while shrinking). After I thought it was perfect, I then decided that I wanted the clip moved up on the screen 100 pixels. Isn't there an easier way to do this than to go to each of the 4 keyframes and adjust the Y value up 100? Isn't there a way I can adjust the y value once and then have the clip move up in every keyframe?

    Any help is much appreciated


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    Onion ?

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    hiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!

    HI !!!!!!!
    What U can do is select the entire layer by clicking on it (pls see that it is not locked )
    Then just below the timeline on left handcorner there are three options - Onion skin , onion skin outlines and Select multiple frames. Pls select Onion skin and Select multiple edit frames. Then on top of timeline plae markerfor entire length of frames that your movie covers. Then u go to the stage and drag the content wherever U want to place it...
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    Thanks so much - your suggestion works perfectly. Boy this is gonna save me a lotta time.

    Appreciate your response,


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