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Thread: How does he do this w/out lag?

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    How does he do this w/out lag?

    Visit http://www.wddg.com AWESOME flash site design by Jens Karlsson. I would really like to know, if anyone knows, what technique he might use to animate the boxes that all slide and fill in at the beginning without lagging the entire movie. When I'm animating things I think I tend to rely too heavily on onEnterFrame events, either that or I pile them on too much? Anyone that can offer me any sggestions would be greatly appreciated! And also, you'll notice that there are several options for organizing the portfolio content (by client, by year, by fun, etc...), what technique would you use to organize the work that way? Thanks!!

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    everyone stumped?

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    The beginning build uses simple shapes and completes the motions before most content and graphics are loaded. It also looks like an increased frame rate 30fps+. It could be tweened or coded from a function. EnterFrame code on each piece would probably slow it down. Reorganizing the portfolio content is most likely done with an array of objects with class identifiers, or it could simply be different movies/movieclips that get loaded. I would use the array.
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    ok cool, so if everything is animated before the content loads the site won't lag? Thanks!

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