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Thread: CSS -> TextArea component w/xml in MX 2004

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    CSS -> TextArea component w/xml in MX 2004

    Curious - I know that the whole nice thing about MX 2004 is less and less actionscripting, and automation of actionscripting from user interface...

    Question1: I have a textarea component bound to xmlconnector. How can I import a CSS file to format this xml data, without coding any actionscript? There doesn't appear to be any internal GUI to create the needed scripting.

    Question2: Say I have a slides project with multiple slides. XMLConnector is on the root slide. Slide1 has a textarea component that is bound to the root xmlconnector and displays an xml correctly via CSS. On slide2, how can I send a different xml file to be displayed? Surely you don't need a different xmlconnector component for each instance?

    Question3: In the textarea bindings panel, when I choose a different node of the xml file, it displays that node, but without applying the imported CSS style. Any idea why?

    Thanks in advance...
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