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Thread: wrapping text around an object

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    In the tutorial, "How to animate a Camera"
    (from erains' tuts),they say that if you want to see how to construct the scene we're working with see the tutorial "wrapping text around an object"...

    Well I've look at every tutorial on the site and there isn't one called "wrapping text around an object" nor do any of them cover it.

    I've heard you can do it by importing a 3Dmax file, but what I want to know is can it be done in Swift3D with out using an outside application.


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    Yes, I do this in MAX. This question was posed and answered in the 3D forum. You might want to search through some of the old posts.

    I use Swift primarily as a renderer, but I believe the basic idea was to create the text in Swift with virually zero width. Use the various camera views to position text around an object - I think a cube was the previous example. Then, group the objects and animate.

    ... or something like that. Now, if you have to deform (i.e. bend) the text to wrap it around an object such as a cylinder, you may need the help of an ouside application. I seem to recall Vince did something like that with either Illustrate or Dimensions.

    good luck!

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    Here's a quick example of how I got text to appear to wrap around an object.
    It's a bit tedious but it works. I first started with the sphere then added my text a letter at a time. First I plased the First letter, then I grouped it with the sphere and rotated them together slightly. Next, I ungrouped them, selected the letter, copied and pasted it, them placed and rotated the copy into place. Then, while the copied letter was still selected, changed the character in the text editing window to the next letter, and made any adjustments in it's position as needed. I repeated this process until all letters were in position. Also, I chose my colors at the start that way I didn't have to try and select only the letters in order to apply a seperate color. Hope that made some sense. I then exported the animation with an area fill to minimize file size and to insure that the sphere appeared as stationary as possible. I then imported the animation into a new movie clip in flash and selected the even numbered frames and deleted them, further reducing the file size without effecting the overall smoothness of the animation. Finally, in the movie clip, I created a new layer and created a vertical and horizontal guide, one along the left edge of the sphere and one along the top, and them manually positioned each frame of the animation to align with eachother to cut down on the sphere's wobble created when animated in Swift.

    Hope this is of some use to anyone,

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    Hey PandA, looking good I figured what you said more or less, and was just wondering how long did it take you to complete the whole thing? sounds like a long process to me? I'll will give it a try myself, see what I can come up with.. anyhow.. nice job, looks great


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    Hey bzed,
    Thanks for the kind words. To answer your question it took me about a half hour to complete the entire thing. The bulk of that time was positioning the letters around the sphere. But once you get it down you can basically reuse that Siwft file over and over as a template for other things.

    Heres the .t3d file I started with:
    Moved the file to my "real" ISP so it should download now.

    If anyone would like a copy of this file just e-mail me and I'll send it to you. The file is just a sphere with the word TEXT placed around it without any animation...basically a template. Just break it apart and do what you will with it.

    It might be useful to see how it was all thrown together.

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    Okay, moved the .t3d file to my ISP so it can now be downloaded...if one feels so inclined.


    Hope this will be of some use to people


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    Thanks you so much! I was just about to post this question tonight.

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