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Thread: Browser not showin all dynamic text/Centering Flash movie

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    Browser not showin all dynamic text/Centering Flash movie

    Hi! I got two questions and would be thankful for any help!

    1 I've made a piece of dynamic text which looks great on the stage. However, when I preview it only the left side of the box is visible on the screen. If I change the text to static, the whole text is visible, but then again that's not what I want because the text looks blurry and can't be highlighted.

    2. How do I assure that the Flash movie is centered in the middle of a web-page? In chose 'center' in the 'flash adjustment' box in publising setting but that didn't do anything as far as I can see...

    Thanks beforehand!


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    2. Go to File/Publish Settings. Set to Percent, then go down to the Scale dropdown and set to No Scale. That publishes at the size you built it at and centers it.

    Or, use the attached file to set up the page.

    Not sure about your text file. Can you attach the fla?
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